Giving Voice to Values on Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Working Ethically in Finance
Clarifying Our Vocation

Published on 2015
ISBN-10 1606498754
ISBN-13 9781606498750
Language English
Pages 204
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8/3/2015 5:04:31 PM
In spite of the notable failures on the part of financial institutions in upholding the highest ethical standards - what defines ethics, morality and justice in this context is often overlooked. Anthony’s book approaches the field of finance – not from a technical perspective – but from a much-needed “culture of ethics” perspective. He elevates the potential roles of those working in finance to be social in nature, and believes, as I do, that values-based systems as opposed to rules-based systems liberate the best in people. Through his unique understanding of ethics theory, combined with the wisdom of his personal experience – this is a must read for those wanting to craft a vocation in finance." Adrian Gore, CEO, Discovery Group
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